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In recent years, in addition to antibody drugs, drugs that utilize various new drug discovery modalities such as nucleic acid drugs and products such as regenerative cell medicine have been developed, and have a great impact on the treatment of areas such as cancer and hereditary diseases that were difficult to treat until now. Is bringing. For these specialty drugs, our new mission is to build an optimal custom-made distribution system that meets individual needs as a drug distribution business.
As a group company of Toho Holdings Co., Ltd., Orphan Trust Japan Co., Ltd. has a mission to contribute to the development of businesses specializing in specialty pharmaceuticals by making the most of the high-quality distribution functions that the group has built up to now. We are aiming to provide comprehensive support for the "drug discovery" and "nurturing" of specialty pharmaceuticals of pharmaceutical companies. As a member of the group, we will work to build a safe, secure and stable distribution system for specialty pharmaceuticals in order to meet the expectations and trust of patients and their families, as well as healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies. ..

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