Toho Holdings Group, which supports
a stable supply of specialty pharmaceuticals

As a corporate group involved in the medical, health, and nursing care fields, the Toho Holdings Group has a corporate slogan of "Everything is for people who desire health," and develops drug wholesale, dispensing pharmacies, drug manufacturing and sales, and customer support systems.・ We are developing businesses such as provision. We are also actively promoting regional medical cooperation and initiatives in the fields of home care and long-term care.

Orphan Trust Japan Co., Ltd. Company Profile

Trade name Orphan Trust Japan Co., Ltd.
Established April 1, 2013
Head office location Gran Tokyo South Tower 12F,
1-9-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6613
Foreign subsidiary TORUS (Toho Orphan Reliance US) San Diego, USA
Telephone number 03-6838-2829
Representative President and CEO Shigeki Nakata
Major shareholders Toho Holdings Co., Ltd. 100%
Business content Specialty pharmaceutical-related business