Challenge tomorrow's pharmaceutical logistics for people who wish for good health

As a specialist in specialty pharmaceutical logistics, Orphan Trust Japan will always work on cutting-edge pharmaceutical logistics and take on the challenge of new business fields.

Clinical trial drug flow

By taking charge of clinical trial logistics of bio-venture companies that we support drug discovery, we aim for a consistent logistics system starting from clinical trial logistics, including application, approval, and after launch, and consistent management of various information.

Regenerative cell medical distribution

Regeneration by building a distribution infrastructure for products such as regenerative medicine centered on the TBC Dynabase, which is located in a location suitable for global logistics, and building a trace function for all process data such as cell collection, production, transportation, and administration information. We aim to establish a platform for cell medical distribution.

Pharmaceutical marketing service

Various online marketing that makes full use of ICT, such as "Hospital Navi" where patients and their families can search for appropriate medical institutions and "enTouch" where doctors can receive information online from pharmaceutical companies (remote detailing). We will also work on services.