High-performance logistics center TBC Dynabase

Optimal location for pharmaceutical logistics with excellent land, sea and air transportation access

The only medical drug in Tokyo within the high-performance distribution facility "Dynabase" (Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo) of the wide-area transportation base "Keihin Truck Terminal" near the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway, Tokyo Port, and Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport). Opened the distribution center "TBC Dynabase".

State-of-the-art logistics facility with an automation rate of 95%

We have installed 26 state-of-the-art peace picking robots and achieved an automation rate of 95%. In addition, we have realized the first joint logistics in Japan. Furthermore, it is the world's highest level distribution center that fully complies with PIC / S GDP, which is the international proper distribution standard for pharmaceutical products.

Complete response to large-scale disasters

In anticipation of a major disaster, we are building a quick and smooth drug supply system in the event of a disaster by installing a dedicated private power generator (5000kVA). In addition, the distribution server, equipment control, communication equipment, etc. in the center are equipped with uninterruptible power supplies to deal with the instantaneous power generated when switching to private power generation. In the event of a disaster, we will be able to access each disaster base facility in a short time in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and we will be able to continue to provide stable pharmaceutical products.