Ontrasys cloud

Automatically measure data and record it on the cloud

The Ontrasys cloud system uses RFID-compatible temperature logger "Ontrasys Tag" to display the temperature history of medicines in all supply chains from manufacturing / shipping to transportation, storage, and medication at medical institutions. Automatic metering of location information. You can send and record information from your smartphone or gateway terminal to the Ontrasys cloud.

* RFID (Radio Frequency Identification):
A technology for reading and writing data in a non-contact manner using radio waves.

Data management is possible in real time

The temperature can be controlled in real time from the cloud, and the management book can be output. By automating the data management of pharmaceutical products, quality can be guaranteed and the trouble of recording and management can be saved. In addition, when an abnormality is detected, an alert notification will be sent by e-mail, enabling immediate response.

* "Ontrasys" is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.